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Woodland Creatures

By on June 19, 2016

Woodland Creatures
If I could go back in time and create a theme for my 8 year old daughter’s room, it would absolutely be filled with cute deer, foxes, raccoons and flowers. I don’t think she would put up much resistance to the idea now, but alas, she is very in to outer space at the moment. Maybe if I make her a few of these adorable patterns, I can start sneaking the theme into her room covertly!
Here are some great woodland patterns to get you started on your own Woodland theme.

Adorably Kawaii Deer by Amanda Michelle

Oh my goodness, this deer is cute! I can picture a little mobile of different colored deer hanging from the ceiling. Or just a few sitting on a shelf!

adorably kawaii deer amigurumi Amanda Michelle

Fox Ears Hat by Accessorise

This hat is simply adorable. I am going to be making this for both my daughter, and my 4 year old son. And maybe one for myself, because, why not??
Fox ears beanie halloween costume by Accessorise

Owl Be Your Buddy Pillow by Sincerely Pam

I love this idea of a pillow cover, because you can take it off and clean it easily. This is an important feature with small children, trust me.
Owl Be Your Buddy Pillow Cover by Sincerely Pam

Retro Flower Headband by Accessorise

I love this little flower headband so much! It would be perfect for a hike in the woods with my little one.

Retro Flower Headband by Accessorise

Ringo Raccoon Pillow Cover by Sincerely Pam

A friend for the Owl Pillow above, the Ringo Raccoon Pillow cover is equally adorable, and on my list of makes.
Ringo Raccoon Pillow Cover by Sincerely Pam

Wish me luck in my mission to add a bit of Woodland Whimsy to my daughters bedroom! Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite pattern!

-Crochet and Kindness

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