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Vintage Fan Ripple Crochet Stitch

By on April 7, 2016

Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch

I have admired the Vintage Ripple crochet stitch for some time. At first glance, it looks rather intimidating, but after reading through the directions and watching a YouTube video or too, I realized that I could get this awesome effect easily! I recommend this tutorial video if you’ve never tried the stitch and at the end I will share a free pattern that you can use with the stitch.

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Now that’s not so hard, is it? Brittany’s blog post about the stitch can be viewed HERE on from 

B. Hooked Crochet


The main part of the Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch that makes it unique is the triple treble crochet stitch. Have you ever done one before? Here’s the definition:

trtr (triple treble) = yarn over 4 times, insert hook in next st, yarn over and pull up a loop, [yarn over and pull through 2 loops] 5 times.

That’s it! It makes a pretty tall stitch compared to most but the triple treble makes the Vintage Fan Ripple awesome!

I highly recommend the Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket by Wink as the perfect pattern to make with this stitch. She also has a very helpful photo tutorial on her website. I would love to replicate these gorgeous colors for my own blanket but I’m going to be using Bernat Cotton-ish. It is a DK cotton/acrylic blend of yarn that has great stitch definition, is really soft, and has some pretty similar colors. I think it will be a good substitute.Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket by A Creative Being

What about you? Are you going to try this stitch? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Happy Crocheting!


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Emily is the Assistant Editor at Happily Hooked Magazine and the owner at Em's Corner. She is a WAHM with 4 kids. She has a passion for crochet and sharing the art with others.

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  1. Kelle

    April 8, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Thanks for this article! I have had this pattern in my Ravelry que for a while!

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