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How to Stand Out with Chunky Yarn!

By on August 2, 2016

How to Stand Out with Chunky Yarn

You’ve been so lucky! You’ve hit a great sale on Chunky Yarn and now you have a stash to bust! But what are you going to make with your new treasure trove? Here are some great patterns that you can use to stand out with your chunky yarn!

The Eclectic Scarf by Danyel Pink Designs

With the amazing pallet of Red Heart Medley Yarn, you can crochet up this stunning pattern super quick!

Eclectic Scarf by Danyel Pink



The Janice Cowl by Divine Debris

How pretty is the Janice Cowl!? Whip this up for yourself and a loved one, and rock this look together!

Janice Cowl by Divine Debris -Amber Millard


The Knotted Threads Cowl by A Crocheted Simplicity

A large comfy cowl, personalized with some great accent buttons! I love this design!

Knotted Threads Cowl by Jennifer Pionk- A Crocheted Simplicity

The Kravitz Scarf by ACCROchet

It’s hard to believe that this scarf is crocheted, but it is!! This design is so amazing, I’ve put it at the top of my own list of things to make asap!

Kravitz Scarf by ACCRochet -Julie D


The Pink Yoda Cowl by ACCROchet

ACCROchet is amazing at naming her designs, and this is no exception! I love the off-the-shoulder look of this cowl, it would go amazingly with a favorite coat!

Pink Yoda Cowl by ACCROchet -Julie Desjardins



The Summer Cowl by ACCROchet

Is this knit? NOPE! It’s actually Tunisian Crochet, made to look like knit! It’s a brilliant design, and I can’t wait to make myself one! Check out the Video Tutorial below to see the Tunisian Knit Stitch in action!

Summer Cowl by ACCROchet -Julie Desjardins


 The One Cowl by ACCROchet

This chunky pattern will work up quick and keep you toasty warm this fall!

The One Cowl by ACCROchet -Julie Desjardins

The Very Winter Cable Cowl by Accessorise

Try your hand at some chunky cable stitches with this fantastic design from Accessorise!



The Austin Squared Scarf by ACCROchet

Once again, the texture of ACCROchet’s design are what really get me! I love this look!

Austin Squared by ACCROchet -Julie Desjardins

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these beautiful patterns from these very talented designers! Enjoy rocking your chunky look!



-Crochet and Kindness

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