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[Video Tutorial] How to Crochet Buttons

By on February 11, 2015

Sometimes you just can’t find the button you want. Sometimes it’s just too yucky out to go button shopping. And sometimes you just want to crochet… a button! So here’s how to crochet a button!

There are lots of crochet buttons patterns out there, and way back when I put together a list of links to them. The amazing Lily Chin also talks about crocheting buttons in her book, Crochet Tips and Tricks, which is a book I do highly recommend!

But 99% of the crochet buttons out there follow the same basic formula – crochet in the round til you get the size you want, then decrease and finish off. That’s about all there is to it! I have a pattern that I’ll be sharing soon where I use crocheted buttons, so I decided to share how I made them.

How to Crochet a Button Video Tutorial – Right Handed

How to Crochet a Button Video Tutorial – Left Handed

As Seen in These Videos:

US-I, 5.5mm Furls Fiberarts Hook

Lion Brand Modern Baby in Yellow and Chartreuse 

Now, as I say in the video, this is all about the idea, not the pattern itself. You should feel free to play and experiment and make buttons you love! But for those who like to see a written pattern for reference, here’s how these were made:

Round 1: Starting with a magic circle, sc 6 times in the ring, join with a sl st. (6 sts)

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join with a sl st. (12 sts)

Round 3: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join with a sl st. (12 sts)

Round 4: Slst2tog around, break yarn leaving long tail. (6 sts) Cinch bottom closed by weaving through sts, pull tight. Use tails to sew button onto garment.

You can get great new looks by changing the hook size, type of yarn, number of stitches, and of course, embellishing them with contrasting yarn! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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