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Hooked on…Hoods!

By on February 10, 2016

Hooked on Hoods

With such beautiful hoods, who would ever want winter to end? Even if there is a chill in the air, you’re sure to keep warm and toasty with a crochet hood.

Thanks to Shelly Jackson from Tangled & Tied for curating this round-up! Tangled & Tied is an online seller of fully finished knit and crochet items. Shelly is an avid pattern collector who hopes to someday make all the patterns she saves! Make sure to stop by and see her beautiful work. Click the link below for her Facebook page.

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Little Bear Hooded Cowl by Krawczyk FREELittle Bear Hooded Cowl by Krawka

Safer than a scarf, cuter than a hat, this will be the hit of all the mommies on your list. Really, who doesn’t want to put one of these on the next baby you see?


Over the Rainbow Hood by The Hat & I
Over the Rainbow Hood by The Hat & I

If you’re getting tired of animals, this colorful hood from The Hat & I offers a completely different take on hoods and cowls. Traditional crochet stitching and colorful rainbows make you want to smile.

Mountains Cowl by Gleeful Things FREEMountains Cowl by Gleeful Things

Colorful and fringed, I love the bohemian vibe and the extra-large size. Color changes and fringe length can be personalized to come up with a number of different options and when you’re tired of covering your head, it quickly becomes a cowl.

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Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson FREE
Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson

With the return of Star Wars this ewok is sure to be a hit among the lovers of the Force! Cute and functional and free. What more could you possibly ask for?!


Dylan Hooded Cowl by Sincerely PamDylan Hooded Cowl by Sincerely Pam copy

The pom poms and striping give give a youthful feel to this gorgeous hood while keeping it sophisticated enough for any adult. There are matching accessories available, but this one easily stands on its own.

Obsidian Hooded Cowl by Tina Lynn CreationsObsidian Hooded Cowl by Tina Lynn Creations

Simple and quick, the dark coloring is perfect for this oversized hood and cowl combo. I love the drama it invokes and the extremely low cost and time investment. This would make an excellent gift.


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