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Have you tried this (fabric) yarn?–You should!

By on June 23, 2015


Have you tried Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric yet? You’ll want to when you finish reading ūüėČ I will admit I was very intimidated by it. I am a traditional yarn kinda girl and I just didn’t think that I would like it. Wow! I was sure wrong! I love it!¬†Sassy Fabric photoSassy Lace cropped Mint ChevronBoutique Sassy Fabric and also Boutique Sassy Lace are 100% polyester and come in 30 yard hanks. That might seem small but a little goes a long way. They¬†have small evenly spaced holes into which you can crochet.sassy holes

That seemed tricky to me but my interest was piqued. When my friend, Kate from Crafting Friends Designs, wrote a couple of perfect designs using the Fabric and Lace, I knew I had to try it. Check out her adorable designs. Seriously!

Here is the Side Step Sassy Skirt. It uses cotton yarn for the top portion and a combination of Sassy Lace or Fabric for the lacey trim. This one is seriously gorgeous and a great introduction to Sassy! Kate’s pattern has stitch placement photos and email support if needed. Stop by Kate’s site because these patterns are on SALE!

Side Step Sassy Skirt

Because Sassy is only used for the bottom trim, I needed about half of a hank¬†to make the skirt for my daughter who wore a size 4T at the time (not pictured). Kate’s patterns show you exactly how to position the Sassy so even an advanced beginner could work these skirts up. When you are ready for a whole project with some Sassy, try the Sweet N Sassy Skirt. The whole skirt, except the waistband, is crocheted with 1 strand of yarn (I like cotton for this project) and Sassy together. How cute is this!?! Kate also has a matching pattern for the headband and the bracelet, Sassy Accessories. This set was made in the Red Dot Colorway.Sweet_N_Sassy_Skirt_1_medium2

You can still make most of the sizes with 1 skein of Sassy. I have made the largest size and needed 2 hanks but that was for a size 12! Here is the skirt that I made for my little girl.

Abbie gray chevron

The skirt pictured uses Grey Chevron which is one of my favorite colorways. I have also made her a skirt in Teal Chevron, another favorite. She loves these skirts and wears them all the time. I have made and sold several of Sweet N Sassy Skirts to friends who have seen my little girl’s skirt and had to have one for their own girls.

On another note, I was completely surprised with how washable Sassy is. I threw it in the washing machine on the regular cycle with my regular clothes and it came  out perfectly. There was no fraying at all! Since then, her skirts have been washed regularly and they still look great!

The Red Heart Yarns website also has several videos and free patterns to make scarves with one hank¬†of Fabric or Lace. I highly recommend that you pick up some Sassy on your next trip to the craft store. I have also found it at Walmart and Walmart online. And Kate’s patterns are here.They are the perfect patterns to test out Sassy! You’ll love it, I’m sure

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