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Wendy’s Weekly Pattern Picks ~ Spring Craft Show Favorites

By on March 9, 2015

You know Spring is right around the corner – believe it or not! And it’s time for Spring Arts and Craft Shows – some of my favorite shows to attend. I love seeing all the tables and booths laden with awesome handcrafted items for sale, created by the artisan themselves! This week I’ve found sixteen wonderful crochet patterns, both free and paid, to share with you that are sure to be a BIG hit at your Spring Arts and Craft show!

WendysWeeklyPatternPicks~The Crochet Cafe

The numbered photo collage above corresponds with the numbered crochet pattern links below:

  1. Hair Spirals
  2. Adjustable Visor with Flower
  3. A Braided Simplicity-Bracelet, Headband, Belt, Coffee Cozy/Sleeve
  4. 3-strand Flower Headband
  5. Soap Cozy and Scrubbies
  6. One Skein Summer Slippers
  7. Bend Market Tote Bag Set
  8. Bath Poof
  9. Tooth Fairy’s Tooth Pillow
  10. Stick Horse
  11. Sunny’s SunHat
  12. 15 min Coffee Sleeve
  13. The Tech Lounger
  14. Barefoot Sandals/Foot Jewelry
  15. Baby Strap Flip Flops
  16. Popsicle & Yogurt Cover

Wishing you a wonderful “Spring Craft Show Favorites” kinda Day!


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