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How to Add a Liner to Your Crocheted Bags

By on March 6, 2015

I love crocheted bags. I love lined crocheted bags even more! In addition to providing structure, a lining gives your bag a finished, professional look. It will also lengthen the life of your bag by alleviating wear and tear caused by the contents. So many people seem intimidated by linings, but with a few basic sewing skills and supplies they are quite simple. Follow these simple instructions to line all your bags!

 What You Need:

  • Sufficient fabric to line your bag
  • Interfacing for reinforcement (optional)
  • Basic sewing supplies such a sewing machine, sewing needle, scissors and thread


Step 1: Measure the length and width of your bag while it is laying flat. Add 2-3″ at the top and 1/2″ at the sides and bottom for a seam. Cut two pieces of fabric to these measurements. Just like a carpenter, measure twice, cut once!

Optional – if your liner fabric is thin or you wish a sturdier liner, you can apply interfacing to the wrong sides of the two pieces of fabric after cutting. I like iron-on interfacing for ease, but you can use any type you like. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. If you just want to reinforce the top of the liner where you will sew it into the bag, you can cut strips of interfacing or buy it in strips and apply around the top edge. This may be particularly useful if you plan on adding a magnetic closure that is applied through the fabric.


Step 2. If you want an inner pocket, cut two pieces of fabric to the desired pocket size plus 1/2″ for seam allowance around all sides. With right sides together, sew around three sides, turn right side out, fold in the seam on the 4th side and sew in place (the pocket will be double thickness). Now, place the pocket in position as desired on the right side of one of the liner pieces. Sew around the sides and bottom of the pocket reinforcing the top edges at the start and end.


Step 3: Now put the right sides of the liner together and sew around the sides and bottom of the liner. If you have a pocket in your liner, be sure the opening is facing up when you sew the sides and bottom together.


Step 4: If your bag has a flat bottom, you can create a flat bottom in the liner too. Simply measure the depth of the gusset as shown in the picture below. 


Next, with right sides together match the side seam and bottom seam at the bottom corner of the liner. This will give you a triangle with a point as shown below.


Finally, measure the triangle at the point to equal your gusset measurement. Place pins to hold it in place and sew across that line. Repeat for the other corner.


Step 5: Fold the top seam down and iron in place. Be sure to measure how much to fold under so that you don’t end up with loose fabric on the liner.


Step 6: With wrong sides together, place the liner inside the bag, match up the sides and pin in place.


Using needle and thread, stitch it in place around the top of the bag.



A beautifully lined bag!


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  1. Janice Knecht

    March 3, 2016 at 1:19 am

    awesome thanks for the help

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