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The Heritage Heartcraft Method for Staying on Task

By on February 19, 2015

I have been using this method of staying on task for so long it has become second nature to me. I often get asked about it though, so I thought perhaps it is time to write it up somewhere, then I don’t have to type it ever again!


The basics are this: anytime (or all the time for me!) you feel like you need a bit of a ‘spur’ to get something done, decide how much time you think is reasonable to devote to whatever task it is, set the kitchen timer, and then go gung-ho until it rings!


I often do this when I am feeling no motivation whatsoever, yet know there’s stuff that needs to be done. I’ll set the timer for just 10 minutes, or some other length of time I think is reasonable to devote at the moment, and go all psychonut commando on just that one task. I always end up surprising myself with just how much can get done when I am completely concentrating on one thing only.

I also use my timer to keep on track with even the ‘fun stuff’ so it doesn’t get away on me, like Facebook, or Pinterest, and yes, even crocheting! I decide upon a reasonable time frame that I want to spend, perhaps a half hour, set the timer, and when it rings, I move onto my next activity or task.

This is useful too for remembering to take breaks when crocheting. With 48 year old hands, which are already experiencing trouble with arthritis, it is vitally important to not overstress my joints. By using my timer, I can more easily alternate between work and rest periods and still be productive and stay on track for the deadlines I have.

I have worn through so many timers over the years, I really should just buy them by the dozen. I’m positive my neighbors must think I do a lot of baking, as my timer rings several times over the course of a day!

All this talk about timers now reminds me that I want to make one of these. My craft room needs a clock! Excuse me while I head over to Hobby Lobby for some supplies!


I’d love to hear about your methods of staying on track, or if you decide to give this one a try.



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Working to keep the delicate art of thread crochet alive and well as I carry on the beautiful art of my grandmother, with every stitch made with love and prayers. Stop by anytime- the teakettle is always close by!

One Comment

  1. Joan Thauberger

    July 21, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    I am going to try this, as soon as my company leaves shortly! I will definitely let you know if this has been life changing for me or not! It sounds fantastic on paper, now let’s put it to the test on the worlds largest procrastinating person, who can’t get moving, at any time of the day!! Stay focused on one task or finish anything I start!!

    Thank you

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