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Crochet Stitches – Popcorn and Bobble Stitches

By on July 20, 2015

Popcorn Stitches

Once you have mastered the basic crocheted stitches, it’s time to move on to Popcorns and Bobbles! These are 2 similar stitches that add a pop of texture to your projects and some great dimension. First off, if you are unfamiliar with the Popcorn Stitch,  Lilla Bjorn Crochet gives an excellent tutorial HERE. After you learn the technique try her Crocheted Bracelet in an hour for some excellent practice. It’s FREE!!Popcorn Bracelet


What’s the difference between a popcorn stitch and a bobble stitch, you ask? Here is a video tutorial to help you learn the  bobble stitch.

There are some slight variations to both stitches so always read the stitch instructions included in each pattern. Once you have mastered the techniques, try some of these fabulous patterns.

The Kaleidoscope Eyes Blanket by Felted Button really takes the popcorn stitch and a mini granny square to a new level. I love her use of color in this blanket and it is just a beautiful design.
Kaleidoscope Eyes



The Pixie Hooded Cowl Neckwarmer by Accessorise uses popcorns and bulky yarn for extra warmth in the pattern.Pixie Hooded Cowl


The It Girl Slouch by Ball, Hank n Skein uses the basic, simple crochet stitches to make a faux-bobble stitch on this hat. I am a huge fan of this hat and the rest of Sarah’s work.
It girl


Ashley Designs uses some fun bobbles on this hat for all ages, the Gumdrops Beanie.Gumdrops_Beanie_medium2


These Fingerless Bobble Gloves by HanJan Crochet use simple fun stitches for this lovely textured pattern.cluster_mitts_1_medium2


Ashley Designs changes up the traditional Chevron blanket by adding some great Bobbles in her Bobbles and Ripples Chevron Blanket.




This is a lovely use of popcorn stitches.


Popcorns give this hat some wonderful texture



The Ringo Raccoon Pillow Cover/Bag by Sincerely Pam uses popcorns brilliantly to create the animal fur.Raccoon_Tail3_medium2





Kate from Crafting Friends used popcorns  for this lovely Princess Britt Dress. My little girl would go crazy for this dress!Princess Brit


And here is a quick gift idea using a popcorn stitch – the Bubble Towel Top from Crafting Friends Designs.Bubble_Towel_Top_medium2Do you have any favorite patterns that use the Bobble or Popcorn stitches? Please share in the comments.

Happy Crocheting!


Popcorn Stitch Patterns and Tutorials


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