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10 Patterns Your Kids Will Love!

By on June 27, 2015

Patterns your kids will love titled

These are some tried and tested patterns that kids love! The Ragdolls (Robot is pictured but there is an entire collection in her store) by A la Sascha and the Stick Horse by Just Be Happy Patterns are the two that get a LOT of use at my house. And while I was putting this Round-up together, my kids peeked over my shoulder and asked me to make the rest of these adorable toys!

Sheep Pull Toy by Just Be Happy Patterns – I know my 2 littlest kids would pull these around the house for days and days!
Pull Toys

Hedgehog Baby Toy by One Dog Woof – This would make a perfect baby gift and I love the ribbon taggies. It is so unique.hedgehog_babytoy-5_medium2

Dolly Lovey by Just Be Happy Patterns – My little girl loves the homemade dollies more than store bought. She knows there is love in every stitch.Dolly Lovey

Knight Lovey by A la Sascha – This one is so cute and very original.Knight Lovey Stick Horse by Just Be Happy Patterns – My kids ride their horses ALL. THE. TIME. They each chose their colors and extras like bows, eyes, and reins. Now it’s always rodeo time at my house. Before I made these horses, it was just usually a rodeo šŸ˜‰horse_medium2

Mouse Lovey by Just Be Happy Patterns – What a precious little baby and this lovey pattern is gorgeous.Mouse Lovey Dragon Puppet by A la Sascha – This is an incredible puppet pattern!Dragon_square_medium2 Little Lamb Pillow by Sincerely Pam – Pam’s pillows are so soft and cuddly.lamb_small2 Owl Be Your Buddy Pillow Cover/Sleepover Bag by Sincerely Pam – This pillow doubles as a sleepover bag. Pack some extra clothes and a toothbrush so the kiddos can visit Grandma. They’ll be fine because they’ll have their special bag to remind them of home.owl_pillow1_medium2Robot Ragdoll by A la Sascha – I love all of Sascha’s Ragdolls and the Robot is one of my favorites. Your kids will love him too.
Robot RagdollThese patterns make great birthday or holiday gifts for kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, and friends. They are all fun toys but the kids feel that each item is made with love andĀ love gives it the extra touch.

Happy Crocheting!



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