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By on December 22, 2015

Crochet Stitches that Look Knitted

I asked some of my favorite designers what their favorite stitch patterns were and I received several comments about “knit-look” crochet stitches for those of us who love the Knit Look but don’t knit (like me!)

I asked Amber of Divine Debris and Paloma of la tienda de Paloma and they both love working into the 3rd loop of half double crochet stitches. Here’s a quick tutorial about the technique.

After you watch try the Diana Purse by Divine DebrisDiana Purse by Divine Debris

and the Knot-Knit Overalls by la tienda de PalomaKnot-Knit Overalls by la tienda de Paloma

I asked ACCROchet and she said alternating back loop half double crochet and slip stitches. It makes gorgeous waves as shown in her Ski Bunny hat.Ski Bunny Hat by ACCROchet

And the Queen of the “knit look, but not knit” stitches is A Crocheted Simplicity. Check out her awesomeness HERE! She has a modified slst2tog that will trick even the most trained eye. Check out her blog post for a written and a video tutorial and then come back for some of her most popular knit-look patterns.

Men’s Reversible Knit Look Beanie by A Crocheted SimplicityMen's Reversible Knit Look Beanie by A crocheted simplicity


Knot Knit Slouchy by A Crocheted SimplicityKnot Knit Slouchy by A Crocheted Simplicity


Purl Illusions Slouch by A Crocheted SimplicityPurl Illusions Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity

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