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Happily Hooked On Socks!

By on June 19, 2016

Happily Hooked on Socks

Get ready to fill your sock drawer with these amazing crochet socks! I just recently made my first pair of crocheted socks, and I fell completely in love with them. I had never made socks before, and was a bit worried about how the sizing would work out, and whether the pattern would be difficult. I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate, and how quickly socks work up! It’s a great project for the summer months, you won’t be bogged down under a large crochet project with these patterns. Not only that, but walking around in cozy socks that you’ve made yourself makes them feel extra special!
Take a look at these fantastic sock patterns.


Knee High Lace Socks by Accessorise

The Knee-High Lace Socks by ACCROchet are so beautiful. I can’t resist the bow detail at the top!

Knee high lace socks slippers by Accessorise

Lacey Socks by Accessorise

And if you are in the mood for a shorter version, try the Lacey Socks.Lacy Socks by Accessorise

Almost the Same Socks by ACCROchet

If you’re looking for a comfy sock, this is it. I absolutely love the look of this pair!
Almost the same socks by ACCROchet

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Lazy Sunday Slippers by Luz Mendoza

Somewhere between a sock and a slipper, these are the perfect footwear for a late night movie at home!

Lazy Sunday Slippers 185 by Luz Mendoza

Confiture Socks by ACCROchet

Confiture is the French word for Jam, and these socks are so sweet! I love the pom pom detail at the top so much.
Confiture socks by ACCROchet

Mint Chocolate Chip Socks by ACCROchet

These are my absolute favorite socks of this whole post, because the detail is just so pretty! And I adore the name…
Mint chocolate chip socks by ACCROchet

Workman’s Sock by ACCROchet

These classic socks are definitely at the top of my list to fill my sock drawer, they’re amazing!

Workman's sock by ACCROchet

I hope you’re feeling inspired to fill your sock drawer with these amazing patterns! Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite!

-Crochet and Kindness

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  1. Angie

    June 27, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Hi are u ladies all on instagram or utube x

    Also do u know any ways i can crochet a lace headband x

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