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Meet Briana from Briana K Crochet

By on May 7, 2016

MEET Briana

Briana from Briana K Crochet is in The Crochet Cafe today and sharing a little about herself! I’ve been following her work for awhile and she is so talented!

Can you tell us about how you got started with crochet?

I first learned to crochet as a teenager, but I jumped from craft to craft and didn’t advance my skills until I became an adult. Like many of us, I wanted to make something for my new little baby. My first hat I ever made was a very lopsided Micky Mouse hat! We all start somewhere so pick up a hook and don’t be afraid of that first, less than perfect, project.

Where does your crochet design inspiration come from?

Many of my designs have come from client requests or something my children asked me to make. Many of my ideas will come to me when I’m in the shower, probably because it’s the only time I get to myself to relax and think.

What is your favorite yarn to work with and why?

People have just one favorite? Whatever yarn I’m working with at the moment becomes my absolute favorite, until tomorrow lol.

What are your greatest crochet accomplishments?

I think my greatest accomplishments are when I can put a smile on my child’s face. My oldest didn’t like crochet for the longest time and wouldn’t use anything I made him. One day he asked me to make him a dragon blanket and buddy. He still sleeps with the dragon buddy and that melts my heart.

What are your most popular patterns?

A new popular pattern for my shop is the Pig Project Bag. It is part of an 8 project bag series and not only is fun to make, but fun to use.
Pig Project Bag or Purse by Briana K

A classic popular pattern for my shop is the Baby Boxer. My very first published pattern and it holds a special place in my heart.

Baby Boxer Outfit by Briana K Crochet

How does crochet help you?

Like many of us, crochet is an outlet for anxiety and stress. My oldest child can often be a struggle and throw a 2 year old in there and it’s a recipe for craziness. Often when my children are in timeout, I will also have a timeout for a couple of minutes with my yarn. It helps everyone calm down so we can deal with situations rationally. I want to teach my sons to crochet so they can use it as a tool to center their thoughts and emotions.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Tons! I love to try just about everything. I have found a passion for photography, felting, and spinning. Anything crafty and I’m interested!

How do you spend your non-crochet time?

Sitting in the driveway with the neighbors doing our weekly neighborhood watch. We feel it’s our duty to keep the neighborhood safe and what better way than with a few friends, drinks, and laughs. The children have fun playing and we have fun kicking back and enjoying the good times. But other than that I’m usually scrubbing a toilet, putting together a grocery list, doing a puzzle with my boys, or cooking dinner.

How do you balance your work and home life?

Balance? There is such a thing as balance? It’s something I struggle with daily and after a recent talk with another designer I find we all struggle. It may look so easy on social media at times but I’m just one person trying to do my best.

Anything else that you would like to share with us?

I speak Sarcasm fluently, I do actually love long walks on a beach, I’m a big fan of dinner parties with red wine, and I will be a crafter until the day I die.

Thanks Briana! It was great to get to know you better! Briana has even set up a coupon code for our Crochet Cafe readers!

Use Code CAFE in her Ravelry shop for 30% any purchase through July 31, 2016

About Emily Truman

Emily is the Assistant Editor at Happily Hooked Magazine and the owner at Em's Corner. She is a WAHM with 4 kids. She has a passion for crochet and sharing the art with others.

One Comment

  1. Lori

    May 25, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    I was making my husband a blanket when he passed away (13 yrs ago. I didn’t touch yarn for about 2 yrs. I haven’t stopped crocheting (and knitting) since. Love it keeps my hands and minds buzy.
    Am very happy in all other aspects of my life again now too 🙂

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