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Beautiful Ballet Patterns

By on June 12, 2016

Beautiful Ballerina Patterns

It’s completely wonderful, as the mom of a little girl, to encourage our kid’s interests. It’s a whole other game when their interests change with the seasons! My little one has taken an engineering class, a cooking class, and now most recently, she wants to do ballet. If you’re like me, I find the little outfits so adorable, and I can’t wait to see her dressed up. Here are some accessories to add to your little one’s ballet experience! I’ll definitely be making them for mine!

Ballerina Mouse by Heart & Sew

Ballerina Mouse by Julie Erskine

Cotton Candy Cardigan (Child Sizes) by Danyel Pink

Cotton Candy Cardigan (Child Sizes) by Danyel Pink

Girl’s Flower Purse by Luz Mendoza

Girls flower purse (98) by Luz Mendoza

Radiant Rose by Danyel Pink

Radiant Rose by Danyel Pink

I hope that your little ballerina enjoys her new accessories!

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