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5 Must-Make Gifts For Your BFF

By on June 28, 2016

5 Must-Make Gifts for Your BFF

You’re an awesome Crocheter, and chances are, you’ve wanted to crochet something amazing for your best friend. I’ve put together a few BFF patterns that you can rock together, like the best pals you are!

Heart Sweater by Accessorise

Nothing says BFFs like matching sweaters. How about matching sweaters that tell them how much you love them as well!

Heart sweater by Accessorise



Arctic Waves Sluch by Glamour4You

How great would it be to match your best friend with pom pom hats!

Arctic Waves Slouch by Glamour4You

Best Friend Loop Scarf by Accessorise

Need we say more? We love the Best Friend Loop Scarf!



Mason Hat by Danyel Pink Designs

This hat is perfectly customizable to fit the personalities of you and your bestie!

Mason Hat by Danyel Pink



Velvety Slouch and Scarf by Snappy Tots

An adorable slouch, and matching scarf! What more could your best friend ask for!

Velvety Slouch and Scarf by SnappyTots

Enjoy your time with your best bud!

-Crochet and Kindness

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