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10 Cool Slouches

By on August 8, 2015

10 Cool Slouches-2

I was in search of some cool slouchy hats to make for my kids. There is always a cool, windy week in September that catches me off guard and I am determined to be ready for it this year! These are my picks that I’m making for my kids.


My school-aged boys get a Johnny Slouch by Sincerely Pam. They can choose their own stripe colors and they’ll be ready for a great year at school.
Johnny Slouch


My little girl gets a Deanna Slouch by Crystalized Designs. She loves this kind of loose, but not too loose slouch to keep her hair off her face in the wind.

Deanna SLouch


I get a Knot Knit Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity. I need this hat to hide my crazy hair when I can’t quite get myself together before I have to start dropping kids off to school.KnotKnitSlouch6WM_medium2


Hat #2 for my 5 year old girl. She gets a Glamour Hippie Hat by Glamour4You. She loves color and loves to have different hats to match all of her outfits.Glamour_Hippie_Hat


She already has the Butterfly Breeze Slouch by Sincerely Pam. She loves the airy design of this one.butterfly_slouch3_medium2


Hat #2 for me! I need a Chevron Slouch by Sincerely Pam. We have crazy wind in our area and this is a perfect hat for those windy days.chevroncrysta1_medium2


I just finished my “Diagonal Chevron” Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity. I made it for me because we have a mild winter so I love airy hats but many times I still need a hat to take care of the wind. Diagonal Chevron


My almost 3 year old little boy gets a “Perfectly Plaid” Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity in some little boy colors. I can’t wait to finish his hat and I know he will look so adorable.


perfectly plaid slouch


The “Winter Waves” Reversible Beanie and Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity is one of my all time favorites so I think we all need one of these. It’s such a lovely design.Winter Waves


I love the stitch pattern in the Marseille Slouchy by BrianaK. I think my daughter and I both need matching hats.Marseille Slouchy


Hats are pretty much my favorite things to crochet. They don’t take much time and the results are awesome! What is your favorite crochet hat pattern? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Crocheting!


About Emily Truman

Emily is the Assistant Editor at Happily Hooked Magazine and the owner at Em's Corner. She is a WAHM with 4 kids. She has a passion for crochet and sharing the art with others.

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